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Welcome on the Official Website of Wobbelturnen®/ Wobbelgym®! 



Enter the Wonderful World of Wobbelturnen/ Wobbelgym. 


Our wobbel becomes a ship to sail oceans far away, an island high and dry, a bridge to cross busy highways, a resting point. And we continue.. A mountain to climb, a slide to go down, a car to race, a hammock to chill, a hurdle to take, a seesaw, a tunnel, a den, a slingshot, a camel's hump.


There's so much to encounter while being at one of our classes. We cannot give it all away, but it's so much fun! Will you come to Wobbelland?
P.s did you know 'turnen' is dutch for 'gym'? 


This is the official website of Wobbelturnen/ Wobbelgym. We joined the acknowledged Flemish Sport Federation.


What defines Wobbelturnen / Wobbelgym?


Wobbelturnen is a way of gymnastics using a Wobbelboard. 

Gymnastics? Only gymnastics? No, way more! Wobbelturnen is a mixture of exercises using strength, flexibility, balance, etc. while being on a wobbelboard. The work outs are intertwined with moments of relaxation, also using your wobbelboard. 

It slows down the very active children and less active ones are challenged to become a little more active. We focus on developing a strong sense of balance, 

lateralization, gross motor skills, self esteem and much more. 


Never heard of a wobbelboard? Here you will find out more about it on our website.

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