What is Wobbelturnen?

Wobbelturnen for Children

Wobbelturnen®  is more than doing some exercises on and around a wobbelboard.
It is a combination of playful gymnastics, balance exercises, team work and so much more.

A class of Wobbelturnen exists out of active and passive parts, in which relaxation, balance and recreation are key.

During the active parts we wobble, sway, rock, crawl, etc.

Each child receives a board and mat at the start of the class.


Did you know that 'turnen' is Dutch for 'gym'? 

Why would I let my child participate in a wobbelturnen course?


 Wobbelturnen adds to:

 -the physical and mental health of a child

- a better balance 

- improving gross motor skills

- a better self understanding and self esteem

- developing muscle strength 

- learning to relax and let go 

- enhancing creativity, work-attitude, focus, etc. (due to the stimulation of both cerebral hemispheres at the same time during a work out)

- quality-time and positive attachment between nurser and child, during our toddler courses


Wobbelturnen can be useful when:

- a child struggles to focus

-one has difficulties concerning balance

-there are neck- and back aches (e.g. from gaming )

-a child seems to be stressed

-one is too anxious or overactive

-one is a complicated sleeper


A class of wobbelturnen exists out of exercises customized to children from 4 to 7/8 years old. Although the length of your child is crucial, until 1m35 everybody can join!

Moreover, there are also courses for toddlers (2-4y).



Wobbelturnen Duo : Wobbelturnen for kids and adults 


During the courses Duo wobbelturnen, you as an adult actively move and wobble on the XL wobbelboard , while your child has his own original wobbelboard.
Having kids is no longer an excuse for not having to exercise ;-). A nice sporty quality moment for you and your kid!

The sessions are suitable for both dads, mothers and grandparents. Not suitable for pregnant ladies of more than 24 weeks.
The children are at least 3.5 years old and max 8 to 9 years old (or 1m35).

duo wobbelturnen, wobbelturnen , frauke molen
wobbel work out wobbelboard XL

Wobbelturnen for adults

Why would I participate in a wobbelturnen course?


In the fall of 2017 we started with our Wobbel Work-Out® course.  A customized course for adults (without children). 

What is ‘Wobbel Work-Out’?


During our Wobbel work-out course we use XL wobbelboards. Our aim is to improve physical strength (power, muscles, etc.) and balance in a fun way.
Relaxation moments are incorporated as well, in which we learn to relax, let go, and focus on our inner self.


Who can participate?

Courses are suited for everyone above the age of 16.

You can participate at your own rate/level of fitness. 


Are you looking for a fun way to get rid of extra (pregnancy)weight? 

Are you in search of a new pastime without having to engage for months/years?

Are you lacking time but would really like to get moving (and relaxing) once in a while?


Or do you like to try out new sports?

You would like to exercise more often but in a small and comfortable group?

You want to escape the daily hustle and bustle and want some quality time?



Wobble work-out is exactly what you are looking for!